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Angus Steak

The steak on our menu is sourced primarily from Las Pampas region of South America where they specialise in breeding Purebred Aberdeen Angus and Aberdeen Angus Cross Steers. The cattle are reared on fertile prairies on the huge 5000 hectare South America Estancias (ranches) meaning their muscle structure is uniform and their meat is tender. Genealogy charts ensure the continuous quality bloodlines are maintained through the herds in both South America and indeed the UK.

Angus Steakhouse currently offers eleven cuts of steak in eighteen size options to ensure each of our customers can choose their perfect steak. 

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Working for the most iconic Steakhouse in London...Agnieszka

We catch up with Agnieszka from our Angus Steakhouse, Praed Street restaurant.


Agniezka tells us what it’s like to be a part of the Angus Steakhouse family, and discusses her highlights of leaving farm life for city life…


I first came to London for a six-month work placement after I graduated from university with a degree in Tourism and Hotel Management. As it turned out, half a year was simply not long enough to explore this diverse and beautiful city and that’s why I’m still here today!


I now work full-time for the iconic restaurant chain in central London, and next year will see my ten-year anniversary with the company. I’m very happy to say that no two days at Angus Steakhouse have ever been the same.


Every day I am guaranteed to meet new and exciting people, listen to their stories and learn about their experiences in the city I now call home. On top of that, the food on offer here is very special.


As for how I like my steak, I take it medium-rare, as it’s always tender with great flavour. Add salt and pepper and a bit of English mustard, and you have the perfect meal.  My favourite, however, is the pepper steak with sweet potato fries, and my drink of choice would have to be the Argentinian Malbec! I particularly enjoy a glass while writing my blogs and engaging in food and fashion on social media.


I am also a member of Angus Active, and head the swimming team. It’s amazing to be able to take part in such activities with my colleagues and we really do feel like a family. Recently, we swam the Jubilee 10k!


Additionally, I love gardening and tending to my fresh herbs and flowers when I can. This has been a passion of mine since my part-time role as a farmer back in Poland (I own a small ranch there!) This adds yet another bonus of working for Angus Steakhouse as I take great pride in working for a company that shares my values for ethical farming and serving fresh produce.


My job is my passion, and I live in arguably the most wonderful city in the world. What more can I say? I’m very lucky.