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Angus Steak

The steak on our menu is sourced primarily from Las Pampas region of Argentina where they specialise in breeding Purebred Aberdeen Angus and Aberdeen Angus Cross Steers. The cattle are reared on fertile prairies on the huge 5000 hectare Argentinian Estancias (ranches) meaning their muscle structure is uniform and their meat is tender. Genealogy charts ensure the continuous quality bloodlines are maintained through the herds in both Argentina and indeed the UK.

Angus Steakhouse currently offers eight cuts of steak in fifteen size options to ensure each of our customers can choose their perfect steak. 

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Beechdean Ice Cream

You may be wondering why the ice cream at Angus Steakhouse tastes so incredible. This is all thanks to Beechdean Dairy Farm in High Wycombe, one of the UK’s leading ice cream manufacturers. 

The farm was the brainchild of Andrew and Susie Howard 26 years ago but this isn’t your conventional farm, this is a dairy farm with a difference. Spread over 660 acres of land, the 220 Pedigree Jersey cows nicknamed ‘the girls’ must be the most pampered cows in the world!  The ‘girls’ are born, raised and will spend their entire lives on the farm – they are kept only for their milk production and are never slaughtered for meat. Andrew and Susie believe that happy cows produce the creamiest milk and therefore better ice-cream. So to keep ‘the girls’ happy, they graze outside on fresh Chiltern grass from March to October, then a protein rich feed to keep them healthy and nourished during the Winter. Once the colder months arrive ‘the girls’ are moved into special houses with mattresses covered in sawdust to keep them warm, provide back scratches and even have music playing to keep them calm! You have to see it to believe it! They are milked twice a day and have a six week rest from milking every year – we love the sound of a six week holiday! 

You might think this all sounds a bit crazy but there is a real difference in milk from cows farmed in the usual way and milk from Beechdean Jersey cows. Come and taste for yourself. Beechdean are renowned for their commitment and quality is most important – the strawberries are fresh and sourced locally, the chocolate is real Belgian chocolate and there are no artificial flavours, colourings or additives. It’s also vegetarian and gluten free, we can’t ask for more than that. 

The flavours we serve are exclusive to Angus Steakhouse, Vanilla Bean, Strawberry & Clotted Cream, Mint Choc Chip and Belgian Chocolate Truffle. Which one would you choose? It would have to be Vanilla Bean for us, its just divine. 

We wouldn’t have believed the story had we not visited the farm and seen it for ourselves… 


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