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July 2011

Boys in blue do Angus!!

After a long 13 weeks at Sea HMS ILLUSTRIOUS headed into London for a Royal Visit. Minding out P's and Q's in front of Prince Charles and Prince Andrew we sipped champagne and nibbled on the Posh Canapés. Desperate to let our hair down we were itching to catch the tube to the West End, starving and in need of a pint we headed straight for Leicester Square still in Uniform. What could be better after 3 months at sea than a huge Steak. We sat outside (drawing plenty of attention in our uniforms) and were served a huge feast of steak and ribs. With the pints flowing we ate our way through our weight in meat it just kept coming. The waitress we had was unreal, she was so attentive, our pints never dried up and our plates were always full.

We all had a steak, some had sirloin some had a rib eye and I had a Fillet Steak (all 12oz) and it was cooked perfectly pink in the middle with mushroom sauce, steak chips and onion rings plus a plate of ribs on the side (we are hungry lads). We had cold meats and combo platters to share as well as mixed breads. We nearly rolled out of the restaurant after being there for over three hours. We felt like kings the manager even came out for a chat and recommended some bars we should go to that night. I have honestly never eaten so well or been to a better restaurant. I would say to anyone visiting London and wanting a top quality steak to go to this Restaurant in Leicester Square. We have been told were back in London in November and we are all looking forward to our Trip to Angus Steak House - we have even planned what sauce we are having on our Ribs. Bring it on! They lived up to their claim of being ‘the best steaks in London'

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Boys in blue do Angus!!
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